Is it worth it to marry off your heirs?

Heirs are expensive. And everyone knows it. The question is, are heirs actually worth taking through marriage?


The short answer is yes for all heirs, with an exception of some juniors and seniors.


For starters, when you have an heir, their attributes are already added to your empire power as they grow up in the harem. So when you marry off an heir, you gain the attributes only from the other heir, and not both at once. So it will not matter what the attributes of your own heir is.


As for the math, we will base the calculations on diamonds.


You can purchase a specific attribute tome for “100 diamonds”, aka tokens, in the feast token store. This is half the price of purchasing a random attribute tome in the store at the bottom of the screen, and the same unit price as purchasing a volume in the feast token store.

An attribute tome is equal to a gain of 1000 attributes. So for 100 diamonds, you can get 1000 added to your stats. This means:


1000 attributes/100 diamonds equals = 10 attributes per diamond


To make it worth your diamonds, you will want to earn more than 10 attributes per diamond when marrying an heir.


The easy way to figure out if it is worth it to marry an heir, is to multiply the number of diamonds it costs by 10, then comparing this number to the potential attributes.


For example, with a junior prince/princess requiring 80 diamonds to marry, you can make a better investment from marrying one with 800+ attributes. If you marry one with less than 800 attributes, your diamonds could’ve been better spent elsewhere.


As for the senior, which costs 180 diamonds to marry, you should only marry another senior with 1800+ attributes.


As for the other level heirs, they can only be within a certain range of attributes. For example, a prince can only be a senior if his attributes are between 1000 and 3000. A supreme can only be a supreme if her attributes are above 20,000. In that case, with any other level of heirs, it is always a better investment than 10 attributes per diamond. Of course, the higher the attributes, the greater the return on investment!


Please check the chart below to see the stats.

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