Imperial Parliament

Here you may collect taxes in the form of three resources, as well as handle imperial affairs, which will gain you extra resources, or experience points. Auto-levy becomes available after reaching Grand Sultan I.


Here you may collect taxes in the form of three main resources: gold, grain, and soldiers. Refresh time depends on your Sultan title. Auto-levy, which is the coolest thing and a huge time-saver, unlocks at Grand Sultan I. Levy seals are used here.

  • Gold: allows you to make certain purchases, as well as level up your vizeirs. The amount of gold you receive is equivalent to your total research stats.

  • Grain; a vital resource for recruiting soldiers, as well as temporarily powering up your Union power for each Union war. The use of grain often goes unnoticed in the begining. Since grain levies are frequently higher than soldier levies, we almost never reach zero grain. The amount of grain you receive is equivalent to your total political stats.

  • Soldiers: increase the number of units in your army, allowing you to move forward in campaign mode.. The amount of soldiers you receive is equivalent to your total prestige stats, and consumes an equivalent amount of grain.




Imperial Affairs

Each imperial affair you handle allows you to collect resources (gold, grain, soliders, or attribute books) or gain XP points. The amount of XP points you recieve vary based on your Sultan title.

The blue progress bar underneath the picture shows you how many experience points you need to make it to the next player level.

Imperial affair seals (IAS) are used here.

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