Imperial Council

Available after completing chapter 3 in campaign mode. An envoy will offer tributes (rewards) to you 3 times a day, with a cool-down time of 1 hour between each visit.

Austrian Envoy
Potential to gain energy orb
Unlocks after chapter 3
Safavieh Envoy
Potential to gain vitality orb
Unlocks after chapter 10
Venetian Envoy
Potential to gain vigor orb
Unlocks after chapter 20
Russian Envoy
Potential to gain amulet (to increase masquerade fortune)
Unlocks after chapter 40
Wallachian Envoy
Potential to gain research book
Unlocks after chapter 70
Hungarian Envoy
Potential to gain politics book
Unlocks after chapter 100
Portuguese Envoy
Potential to gain prestige book
Unlocks after chapter 140
Polish Envoy
Potential to gain military book
Unlocks after chapter 180
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With each tribute from the envoy, you have a chance to gain two of the following: gold, soldiers, silver earrings, agate ring, special item (specific to the envoy)


You may use a tribute seal to gain additional rewards by tapping on the envoy.

Austrian Headshot
Max Charm +1
Safavieh Headshot
Max Charm +2
Venetian Envoy
Max Charm +2
Russian Headshot
Max Charm +3
Wallachian Headshot
Max Charm +4
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There is also a 50% chance with each tribute that you will receive a maid, which you can use to increase the charm of a selected consort. Each maid will increase the charm of your consort by a varying amount.

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