Feast Items

Production: For food and tokens, time-limited events, go to feasts. To obtain banquet food, you must rank number one in a rush event.

For sponsorship scroll (aka greeting gift) or impish token (rat), they are available during certain time-limited events.

Where to use: Feast > "Tap to hold a feast" to use Food and Tokens

Feast > Tap a name, or "Go for a feast" at the bottom to use diamonds, Scroll or Rat

Feast Food
Required item to hold a feast.
Feast Token
Required item to hold a feast.
Banquet Food
Required item to hold a banquet.
Banquet Token
Required item to hold a banquet.
Greeting Gift
Raises feast score and tokens by +1000.
Impish Token
Lowers feast score (score only, not tokens) by -1000.
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Production: Challenge letter you may received from achievements, main quests, events, and the store at the bottom of the page. You may only received edicts from rush events or monetary purchases.

Where to use: Letter,:Arena > Tap on Davut > Revenge (or tap on revenge list and select there) OR tap on scrolling list at very bottom and select someone to challenge.

Edict: Arena > Tap on Davut > Raid > Enter appointed player number to raid

Challenge Letter
Required item to revenge in the arena.
Challenge Edict
Required item to raid other players in the arena.
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Consort Hall

Production: Redeem at the feast token store. Currently the academy key and music hall keys are not available until further notice.

Where to use: Keys: Harem > Consort Hall > Enable > Use a key

Badges: In order to use a badge, you must first be teaching a room. Protection: tap the bar right above the text box to use a badge or stack badges. Expel: tap on a consort you wish to expel.

Painting Key
May be used to open a painting room.
Academy Key
May be used to open a reading room.
Music Hall Key
May be used to open a music room.
Protection Badge
Protect all consorts in a room. Lasts for 20 minutes, may be stacked.
Expel Badge
May knock one consort out of the room, even when protection is in place.
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