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Here you may perform tasks and leveling regarding wives and heirs. After selecting Harem, you have five subareas to choose from.

Consort Hall

Receive elegance gems by having your consorts paint, study literature, or play music here. If all seats are already occupied, you may have the opportunity to kick out another consort (or if you have a seat, to be kicked out by another). You can kick out a consort if your consort has a higher consort title. If the consorts are of the same title, the consort with the higher intimacy and charm gets the seat.

You cannot kick the leader of the painting room (the consort in front) or be kicked if you are the leader, aka the person that opened the room. To open a painting room, you may obtain painting keys from the Feast Token Store.

You may only deploy protection badges or use an expel badge if you are the room leader. Protection badges last for 20 minutes each and can be stacked.

By studying, you will receive "elegance gems" aka pearls, that can be used to upgrade the leveling power of skills that your consorts teach your viziers (go to Harem > Consort > Tap on a consort > Skill). Skills unlock for a consort when she reaches 10+intimacy.



Consort Titles

Unlocks after you have 6 consorts. Here you may promote or demote your consorts once they reach a predetermined charm and intimacy level. There are eleven different titles that your consort my have, with the beginning level at "Maid".

Promoting a consort will give their heirs an attribute bonus. In addition, a consort with a higher consort title can kick lower-title consorts in the consort hall.

Consort Titles

The various crowns for each consort title.

Choice Maid
Choice Lady
Female Attendant
Noble Lady
Noble Consort
Imperial Consort
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