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Here you may perform tasks and leveling regarding wives and heirs. After selecting Harem, you have five subareas to choose from.


The consort section will be the first to be unlocked in your Harem, after meeting your first wife, Canfeza. Here, you may visit your wives and gain XP points, which are used to level up viziers. If you have a vacancy in your Heir section (nursery), a wife may birth an heir for you. You may also tap on the Unmarried tab and see which consorts you have left to marry.

Simply visiting your wife will not increase intimacy or charm; it will only increase your XP points that are used to level up vizier stats.


You may perform a random visit, or visit a specific consort by tapping on their block. You can also "reward" your consort, increasing their charm and intimacy with jewels.

After tapping on a consort, you may select the Skill button, which unlocks after the consort reaches 10+intimacy. This is where you use consort XP to add to the attribute of a specific vizier.


See which consorts and viziers are paired here.




After you have an heir, the heir(s) will be available in the Heir section.

Here you will feed them bread and nothing else, and they will grow up to become leeches on your diamond supply. You may use vitality orbs to restore your heirs vitality, or bread.

When an heir finishes growing, they will be promoted to prince or princess. Their power and title varies on what they are born as (gifted, talented, ordinary, etc.), as well as the intimacy level and consort title of the mother.


Once an heir is promoted to Prince/Princess, you may marry them to another player's heir. Once married, the other heir's attribute will be added to your empire power, in addition to the one already from your heir.

  • Single: Either propose your heir to the world channel, or to a specific player by entering their player ID and pushing the button "appointed". If you use diamonds to share your heir, and the matchmaking process fails or is canceled, you will receive a partial refund of diamonds. If you used a ring, the ring will be returned to you. The matchmake button will show you available heirs to be married to your heir, if any.

  • Married: This will show you a collection of your married heirs and some stats.

  • Request: This will show you any proposals you have received for current heirs. Sometimes you may receive a random proposal from out of the blue. This normally happens when other players are experimenting so you can ignore or cancel it if no heirs are available.

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