There are a few things to know about both disbanding a union or simply leaving your union for another one.

     First lets talk about leaving your union.  Before you do keep a few things in mind. When you contribute to a union you get tokens to spend on items that help you raise your power such as clothes for your viziers. When you leave your union you will lose half of the tokens you have earned through contribution and voyages.   This means it's going to be best to spend all your tokens before you leave. If you don't you will keep half of what the token store shows for your next union.  You WILL NOT regain any of the diamonds you spent on contribution, those are gone for good.

     You also won't be able to leave during the union wars if you registered for war.  So my words of advice are; if you are wanting to leave your union for another and you registered for war don't go telling people off if it's Monday because you will have to stick around until Sunday.

     Now about disbanding.  Sometimes no matter how hard we try our union will fail.  It sucks but it happens, especially if you are trying to start a new union on a server that has been around awhile.  It's hard to recruit members to a new union when there are ones high in ranking looking for members.  

  First thing to keep in mind is that anyone in your union will lose half their tokens if you disband so please be courteous and give them warning so they can spend them in the store.  

    The next is to consider their feelings. Maybe one of your union members would like to take it over, it doesn't hurt to ask if someone wants to take the reins.

     So, now you are at the point of either passing on ownership or disbanding, and realize that you forgot your union password.  No worries, send a message to support, it might take a day for them to get back to you but they can tell you what your password is. 

     I had some difficulties regaining mine once because I play on several servers, and so my messages back and forth showed different servers to the customer support person.  If that is the case for you make sure you tell them what server the union you are disbanding is on and your player ID found in your profile so they can give you the information.  

    If you have further questions feel free to ask in our forum and thank you for taking the time to visit our page.

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